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There have been a lot of comings and goings in the past few weeks, which have permitted little time to compose new posts, but there will be much forthcoming!

A brief suitcase update:

April B-F has just returned from sunny Myrtle Beach, SC and is busily unpacking and reorienting herself for the work week. Rachel B-F, however, is packing all the bits and pieces of her everyday scholastic, extraordinary, romantic, domestic, and international life into two suitcases and, perhaps, a carry-on as she prepares to leave for Prague! Within the week, the jetset twins will be inter-coastal! Sad news, yes, but it brings with it all the hope and promise of the following:

  • Webcams and g-talk! (For us girls, of course, but perhaps we’ll post a clip or two for you folk too…)
  • Upcoming interactive lists! Just imagine JetsetBF now, but with more lists! — Lists of our historic sound-scape song selections with audio and video clips! Lists of recommended summer book reads and tales of our history through the pages of our favorite shared authors! Intercontinental to-do lists with larger than life deadlines and line-items! More tripartite self-reflective lists, of course! And, perhaps, a few city reviews in lists!
  • A Day in the Life Photo Journals! We’ll select a random day of the week and will photograph the tiny moments of our days in each of our respective cities and lives, and will share these through Jetsetbf in a globally juxtaposed swap!
  • Diatribes, polemics, digressions, and general posts on the intimate nature of our lives, thoughts, dreams, hopes, fears, and consumption of all things tasty!
  • Reviews and lists! Yes, music reviews, Netflix lists, and more more more!

Be patient. All of these things and more shall begin to arrive shortly, but, in the present, we have one last day to commingle in Baltimore and there is much that needs to be done! Deadlines to be set, last thoughts to be shared, presents to be gifted, and warm kisses to be had!


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